I'm Aaron, a Product Manager based in New York City. Fueling innovation, driving success, and shaping tomorrow's possibilities.

I am Aaron Rosenzweig, an inspiring and entrepreneurial individual who has fearlessly embraced risks in the startup world. Throughout my journey, I have founded three companies, each driven by my unwavering passion and determination. While these ventures didn't achieve the desired outcomes, they have taught me invaluable lessons and fueled my personal and professional growth.

Not only have I taken risks in my career, but I have also made bold decisions in my personal life. I relocated twice, leaving the familiarity of home to pursue my aspirations. The second move brought me to the vibrant city of New York, where I found a remarkable opportunity at American Express, showcasing my adaptability and professional acumen.

My journey is a testament to the power of resilience, embracing failures as stepping stones to success, and continuously seeking personal and professional growth. I invite you to connect with me to learn from my entrepreneurial experiences and be inspired by my fearless approach to achieving goals.